Pixel Pros isn’t just another Connecticut web design company, we are a shining example of how a small suburban Connecticut company can use internet marketing to attract and conduct business with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. 75% of our business is new business that comes straight from our website.

It’s what they want, not what you have

In 2004, I started Pixel Pros after years at traditional advertising and communications agencies. I was lucky to have developed a diverse skill set that included marketing, media buying, print design, web design, and copywriting and I had a team that was likewise well rounded in experience and skill. But, I knew that to attract an audience we had to focus on what clients were looking for and not simply provide a long list of the services we could provide.

At the time, I was much more versed and experienced in print design, but there was no mistaking that the web was where it was at. Even though we could rival anyone in our ability to design logos, layout brochures, and create ads, I made the decision to focus PixelPros as a web design and development company.

Research, analysis, but mostly, common sense

One of the beauties of the internet is the ability to do extensive research quickly and conveniently. I researched what competing web design companies were doing online, looked up the historical industry stats and most importantly, studied the terms that people were searching online. Within a very short period I had the answers I needed to create a brand, position and a set of services that had a good chance to succeed.

Small company, big service

While, in 2004, Pixel Pros was a start-up with just 3 people, we branded and positioned ourselves to look established, experienced and capable. To compete among web design companies that were larger and more established, we needed to look like we belonged and, online that is relatively easy to do. The primary objective of the site was to win search position for popular local terms and draw in prospects that were actively looking for our web services. Before long, the Pixel Pros website was winning top positions on Google and Yahoo for terms like “Web Design Connecticut,” “Internet Marketing CT” and “Search Engine Optimization” and the phone was ringing. Within a few short months, Pixel Pros was bidding on jobs against much larger agencies…and we were winning them.

The results

As we got busier and busier and our portfolio and service listing grew, I often tried to return to our website to get it up to date. Well, you know what they say about the cobbler’s children going barefoot, and it seems I was always otherwise occupied. But that is when I learned a valuable lesson that I always share with my clients; Even though Pixel Pros had grown beyond what our website conveyed, it was still doing what it was set up to do - prospect for clients and get them to call or email us. It was a lesson that good marketing is that which gets results and I have always remembered that when advising clients on how best to spend their money.

The lesson

What I hope small businesses take away from our story is how they can use their website and internet presence to propel their business objectives. And, in fact, looking at their internet marketing from a business perspective is a great place to start. When done right, the web can be a small company’s best tool for marketing, prospecting, branding, sales and even fulfillment. I believe that if more small companies understood all that could be gained with a good web presence, they would be more willing to spend the time and money necessary to get it right.