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Our Mission is very clear, to invest in our client's success. We accomplish this by offering our clients a full range of expert web services at an unbeatable value. We use web research, analysis and strategic planning to lay the foundation for clients' Return-on-Investment (ROI), and to help our clients realize the power of the web as their most cost-effective and cost- efficient marketing vehicle.

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1809, 2015

Does Your Website Have These Four Important Website Design Elements?

By |September 18th, 2015|Blog, Branding, Design|0 Comments

If your business has an online presence, your website design should reflect that. If your website design is mediocre, meaning it fails to grab people’s attention, you might be missing one of the four important elements that make a website design a hit. Read to find out, which of the following element(s) you are missing:

1.     Does the Visual […]

606, 2015

Is Responsive Design a Fad?

By |June 6th, 2015|Blog, Business Development, Design, Marketing|0 Comments

Responsive web design makes it possible for your website to conform to the device display it is viewed on.

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3112, 2014

Take Control Of Your Website

By |December 31st, 2014|Blog, Design, Photo|1 Comment

Why should you take control of your web site?

Because you should be able to update your site at a time that is convienent for you.  Pixel Pros builds websites in a flexible, easy-to-use, extensible system.  If you’re looking to manage your website yourself read on…..

Let’s compare two common approaches to a website build:
Straight HTML web site design vs. use of […]