The Mobile Media Revolution

Mobile Phone Market is booming. In fact there are now over 4 TIMES as many mobile phone users as internet users, and 33% of these phones use high speed data services like iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

Why Mobile Media Matters

* Mobile advertising has a 10 TIMES HIGHER click through rate than online advertising

* Mobile advertising has 8 TIMES HIGHER brand awareness

* Mobile traffic has a 6 TIMES HIGHER purchase intent than online traffic

Mobile App Market

* Over 3 billion iPhone Apps Downloaded

* Apple iTunes has over 100,000 apps!

* Blackberry and Android also have app stores with almost as many apps

With smart phones becoming more and more popular, having a mobile website is becoming extremely important. Many browsers on phones cannot read flash. It is important to have a simple version of your website that will display on your phone. Contact us today for more information on mobile websites.