One of the traditional forms of advertising that has been very cost effective for us is our Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns.

If you are targeting consumers, we can target people based on income, age of home, home value, interests, location, and more.

If you are targeting businesses, we can target types of business, spending patterns, location, years in business, and more.

We have found that when you target specific groups of people, you get a much better ROI compared to advertising to the masses.

We only offer direct mail to our customers that we have developed websites for, as the website is imperative for a successful direct mail campaign.

A sample Targeted Postcard Direct Mail Campaign for $1,500 includes:

  • Custom postcard design, based on your requirements
  • Edited by a Copy Writer, specialzing in effective ad copy
  • 2,000 high quality 4" X 6" 16 pt (very thick) gloss postcards, printed
  • 2,000 addresses matching your target market
  • 2,000 first class stamps (not imprinted - statistics show an actual stamp on a postcard will yield better results)
  • 2,000 postcards labeled and mailed

Additionally, we can create custom direct mail plans with letters, brochures, multi-step mailings, etc.

Contact us today, for additional information.