At most web design companies, the strategy phase is often passed over in favor of the more interesting and more visual design phase. Plowing ahead to choose colors, images and layout without first setting down a strong, clear strategy is a common misstep. It is measurably more effective and efficient to first clarify objectives, prioritize goals and define markets. Strategy is the life force of great website design, assuring that all decisions have common and reasoned purpose.

Marketing Strategy at Its Best

It is always tempting to talk about specific trends and hot, new technologies in web design. We are often called on to implement specific Search Engine strategies or design a specific flash banner campaign, but often such isolated tactics will be ineffective because they lack the cohesiveness and consistency of a smart strategy. Before we answer the questions of flash or video, blue or green, this image or that image, a clear and focused strategy is laid out that allows everyone to stay on course and have confidence in the decisions on detail.

  • Branding — Do You Make A Great Impression?

    Branding is a term that has many definitions, but we believe branding to be the reinforcement of a consistent impression that helps your market identify you quickly and easily. Going far beyond a logo, we can help you create a simple but powerful concept that will penetrate through the clutter of advertising and leave a lasting impression on your target market.

  • Positioning — What Is Your Competition Doing?

    Unless you're a monopoly, you need to be conscious of your competition. Looking at it from your customers point of view, you need to decide whether you are going to be like your competition or distinct from them. We can help you identify how your competitors are branding and positioning themselves and give you recommendations for positioning yourself accordingly.

  • Copywriting — Content is King

    There is no substitute for good copy. We help clients write and reorganize their message and stage the content to appeal specifically to an online audience. Copy that engages visitors, dramatizes benefits and drives conversions is vital to delivering ROI.

  • Content Architecture — Is Your Information
    Compelling, Easy to Find, and Easy to Change?

    A relatively new discipline, content or information architecture, goes beyond traditional copywriting to the total development and organization of your information. Content architecture is most closely associated with website design, but it's application transcends into all company communications, internal and external, to make information consistent, accessible, and easy to manage.

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