There are a whole host of content management systems available to allow you to control your website once it is built. Our CMS is completely open-source and gives you all the power you need without overwhelming you with extraneous or seldom used features.

Edit Your Website's Text and Images with Ease

Our exclusive Easy Editor™ Content Management System makes it simple and quick for you to edit and update your own website. Text, images, pricing, etc., can be changed instantly and at no added expense to you. It's foolproof, easy-to-use interface works through your browser and gives you all the flexibility and power you require.

  • Edit Text, Pricing, Images, etc.
  • Apply Bold and Italics
  • Change Type Size and Color
  • Create and Edit Links
  • Change Meta Tags and Page Titles
  • Upload New Images or Animations from Any Computer


  • My Site screenshot

    Site Structure at a Glance

    From the "My Site" page you can visibly see how your site is structured, when each page was last edited, and easily edit or add pages as needed. Removing and moving pages around is also simple and easy to do.

    My Site screenshot

  • Global settings screenshot

    Global Settings

    With global settings, you can set your site's personalization features and SEO options with one click. Default meta tag information and Google Analytics integration are included to help you get the most out of your website.

    Global settings screenshot

  • Content editing screenshot

    Simple Content Edits, Instant Results

    With simple, document-editing style content windows you can easily see what your content looks like and how will appear in your site. With no styles and design to deal with, you can focus on your message without worry!

    Content editing screenshot

  • Moving pages screenshot

    Move Pages with Ease

    Need to shift around pages? No problem! You and your staff can bring new sections to life simply by moving pages around in the site structure. You can also create 'stand alone' pages simply by detaching any page from the site structure, or enlarge a section by folding an existing stand alone page into a section.

    Moving pages screenshot

  • Quick links screenshot

    Quick Links Support

    Quick links allow you to bolster your message without being obtrusive on the main content. Drag and drop the link arrangement to suit your needs - simply choose the pages in your site you want to highlight and place them in!

    Quick links screenshot

From Any Computer

The Easy Editor Content Management System works through any standard browser on any computer. You won't need any special software. You access and use it just like any website.

Real Editing Power

Almost anything on your site can be made to be editable, all the while maintaining professional design and layout standards. Change images, edit text and even add new pages.


There's no waiting. As soon as you make your changes, and hit the Submit button, your changes are live. And you can go back to make changes as many times as you like.