Powerful, affordable, proven solutions for small business

We offer an ever growing list of affordable web tools, tactics and packages that have a proven track record of marketing and business success. You can take full advantage of these proven web solutions, whether you want to add them to your existing website or include them in an all new web marketing strategy.

Most Used Solutions / Packages

  • Search Engine Optimization

    85% of web users regularly turn to search engines. Whether it's Google, Yahoo or MSN, web users know that search engines provide the fastest way for them to find the products and services they seek. If you don't have top search engine rankings for the products and services that you offer then you are missing out on what could be your largest and best markets.

  • Content Management System

    Edit your website's text and images with ease. Our exclusive EasyEdit Content Management System makes it simple and quick for you to edit and update your own website. Text, images, pricing, etc., can be changed instantly and at no added expense to you. It's foolproof, easy-to-use interface works through your browser and mirrors your real website so you won't require any advanced skills or training.

  • Affordable Website Templates

    Perfect for startups and companies on the grow, The Pixel Pros offers websites that have the necessary level of design and power at affordable prices - and some might say down right cheap. Choose from a host of clean, professional, attractive designs yet still retain the power to make decisions about color, pattern and images.

  • Email Marketing (Email Newsletter)

    We know the keys to successful email marketing. We are all familiar with the flood of emails that inundate our inbox and waste our time. At Pixel Pros we are keenly aware of the difference between spam and email success. Our email marketing is more than designing an attractive email, it focuses on building a complete email marketing strategy.

  • Online Article & Press Release

    As your audience learns to seek out objective and authentic information about the products and services that interest them, you need to use the techniques available to raise your voice and presence. We help clients find an authentic voice, write on current topics and proliferate the message through online and traditional channels.

  • Social Media Marketing

    "Social Media" is now the preeminent buzz word in internet marketing. Most are familiar with Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter, but few companies know how to take full advantage of social media to effectively promote their products and services.