If your business has an online presence, your website design should reflect that. If your website design is mediocre, meaning it fails to grab people’s attention, you might be missing one of the four important elements that make a website design a hit. Read to find out, which of the following element(s) you are missing:

1.     Does the Visual Grab Attention?

When people visit your site, it should visually compel them to stay and browse through your products or read about the services you offer. Making your website appealing has a lot to do with the colors you choose and the header graphic, introducing your company’s name. The company’s name should be the first thing people notice actually. A clever website design will do the trick.

2.     Your Contact Information Needs to be Everywhere

Your contact information along with your call to action needs to present everywhere on the site. When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere, top, middle, and bottom.

3.     Make Them Your Leads

When someone stumbles on your site, even by accident, you want them to stay! Chances are if they exit your site, they will not come back. This means that something about your site should make them stay and sign up for your newsletter. In order to get their contact details, your website design and your copy writing skills need to be impressive.

4.     Engage with Them on Social Media

Social media is king when it comes to the internet marketing. Everyone is on it and if you are not, you are missing out big time. Along with your contact information, you need to tell people who visit your site that they can check you out on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform. Also, on each post, have a social media icon next to it so they can share it easily.

If your website is missing any of these four elements, contact the Pixel Pros to discover how easy and inexpensive it is to get help on incorporating these elements into your website design. Contact us today for a free quote!