Pixel Pros is proud to be a different kind of web design company. Founder Marc Morgan has a passion for creating online marketing campaigns that produce powerful and measurable results and web initiatives that take full advantage of the vast opportunity provided by the Internet and online marketing.


Frustration Leads to Opportunity

After spending over a decade in traditional marketing and design agencies, Marc had some  frustration with standard approaches to online marketing and marketing in general. Often the haste to jump ahead to design and development without the proper forethought, created marketing and advertising that too often missed the mark. In 2002, Marc Morgan affirmed his commitment to research, strategy and branding as the roots to any marketing worth doing.

Getting Started Right

By 2004, the talent and resources were firmly in place to launch Pixel Pros as a full service web design and online marketing company. Our first clients were often fellow Connecticut marketing and advertising companies that recognized the value of extending their own web marketing and web promotion services through us. Whether calling on our Search Engine Optimization services, web-based research and marketing strategies, or talent for web design and development, many local design agencies found, and continue to find, The Pixel Pros a valuable partner.

Exciting Times

There is no standing still in the web design and development world. Web tools, techniques, and trends change quarterly and we are always looking for opportunities to do things more effectively and efficiently for our clients. With the advent and growing popularity of Social Media Marketing ,The Pixel Pros has continued to learn and grow our web services to include web promotion strategies that include online PR, social networking and community building.

Come With Us

There is no end to the number and range of ways you can effectively communicate through the Web. We are firm believers in planting strong roots with sound research, smart strategy, and great brand and content, but that is just the beginning. We look forward to building long-term relationships with all of our clients, helping them meet the challenges and pursue opportunities far beyond the web design and development stages.

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