Internet marketing at maximum efficiency and effectiveness

You may have heard of "search engine optimization", "flash animation" and "social media", but without stepping back to see how and where all these pieces fit, the task of building a truly successful website becomes daunting. Without an overall internet marketing strategy and clear goals, isolated web initiatives often waste time, effort and money.

Look More Than Screen Deep

Ironically, great web design has relatively little to do with "design" and more to do with the unseen, upfront work done long before the choice of color, pictures and layout. When we speak of "website design" we prefer to speak about creating a "great web presence." The Internet provides the most efficient and effective way for you to market your company, bar none, and understanding of the many components and how they fit together is your best bet to creating a strong and consistent source of revenue.

The 4 Corners of Great Web Design

We have identified 4 quadrants in which all components of web design can be categorized and understood. We commonly get requests to help client's with singular initiatives like Search Engine Optimization, flash movies or email marketing, but it is important to be conscious of where and how the initiative or feature fits in relationship to an overall strategy.

  • Attract Online Visitors

    A great website isn't worth much without traffic. We believe in exploiting as many advertising tactics as possible, using pull techniques like Search Engine Optimization and push techniques like traditional ads and brochures. Ultimately your success depends on winning the numbers game and the more traffic you can draw and drive to your site, the more prospects you can turn into customers.

  • Engage Your Audience

    We often get requests to create SEO or PPC campaigns for clients that want to create a swell of new visitors to their website. But we often explain that getting visitors to the site is not all that fruitful if it doesn't have the power to engage the audience once they get there. Our primary focus is on defining the audience, identifying their needs and wants, and crafting a site that is relevant, credible and usable.

  • Convert to Sale

    Too often, web pages don't push for the conversion or even make the next step obvious enough. Having a contact page is not a substitute for a clear and well placed call-to-action that moves the viewer to where you ultimately want them. Whether the result is to get the viewer to call, fill out a form, download a paper or sign up for a free trial, your ROI will be significantly increased simply by spending the time to inject your website with a clear conversion strategy.

  • Multiply Your Fortunes

    The beauty of a great website is that it can serve a number of functions at the same time. Using your website as a tool to generate new leads and new business is often the primary goal, but using your site as a tool to manage customers can multiply your ROI exponentially. There are a number of ways to make the most of the visitors and clients you already have, simply by implementing smart up-sell and cross-sell tactics and creating content and features that keep clients coming back.

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